Kok: All states agree to stop oil palm expansion

The Sabah and Sarawak state governments have agreed with the federal government to stop expansion of oil palm area in the country, said Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok. “Land matters come under the purview of state governments,” she told reporters after officiating the ‘Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Forum: Moving Forward with MSPO Timeline of 2019’ organised by the Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council here today.

Malaysian palm oil price rebounds from one-week low

Malaysian palm oil futures recovered from a one-week low hit earlier on Thursday as traders forecast slowing output amid some short-covering. The benchmark palm oil contract for February delivery on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange rose 0.5 percent at 2,005 ringgit ($481.74) a tonne at the close. It earlier dropped to 1,979 ringgit, its lowest since Nov. 28, tracking weakness in other related edible oils and crude.

Sarawak to help tackle campaign against palm oil

The Sarawak government will contribute to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Research Fund as part of efforts to tackle negative campaigns against Sarawak’s oil palm. Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah said through the contribution, it is hoped that the scientists would be able to come up with stronger scientific evidence the value of Sarawak’s oil palm. “The government is going to contribute to the MPOB Research Fund in order to reach out to more scientists around the world to come up with more stronger scientific evidence on the value of our oil palm in terms of nutrition and so on.

Malaysia's Nov palm oil stocks seen at 3 mil tonnes

Malaysia's palm oil stocks at end-November are likely to touch the 3-million-tonne mark, their highest in recent years, as the drop in exports outweighed leaner production, according to a Reuters survey. Based on the median estimate of eight planters, traders and analysts, stockpiles are expected to jump 10.8% from the previous month to 3 million tonnes, their strongest levels in nearly 18 years, according to Refinitiv data.

Malaysian palm oil price drops on high stock outlook, Indonesian levy change

Malaysian palm oil futures fell more than 1 percent on Wednesday due to expectations of rising inventories in Malaysia and a change in Indonesia's export levy rules. Indonesia relaxed rules on palm oil levies and derivative products effective immediately following a drop in prices, the country's finance ministry said on Wednesday. It will not collect levies from palm exporters when prices are below $570 per tonne, but will charge $10-$25 a tonne once prices are in a range of $570-$619 per tonne. The levy will rise to $20-$50 when prices hit above $619 per tonne.

Indonesia palm oil levy to kick in at US$570/T — finance ministry

Indonesia has eased rules on palm oil levies and derivative products following a drop in prices, according to a finance ministry regulation on a government website on Wednesday, an effort to make the nation's palm oil exports more competitive. The world's top exporter of palm oil will not collect levies from palm exporters when prices are below a threshold of US$570 per tonne, but will charge US$10-US$25 a tonne, once prices are in a range of US$570-US$619 per tonne. The levy will rise to US$20-US$50, when prices hit above US$619 per tonne.

Malaysian palm oil/Vegoils: Market factors to watch Wed Dec 5

Malaysian palm oil futures reversed earlier losses to gain at the end of the trading day, supported by a correction and on strength in crude oil prices. U.S. soybean futures edged higher on Tuesday on hopes that a U.S.-China trade war truce over the weekend would result in fresh Chinese demand for U.S. soybeans, although no deals have been confirmed.

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Alexander Payne On ‘Nebraska’ Why He’s Not Making Fun Of People From The Midwest

Alexander Payne takes a direct approach to interviews. He’s certainly not there to make the interviewer feel comfortable, but it’s rarely ever truly contentious. One subject, however, Payne doesn’t like is the accusation that the Omaha born director behind “Election,” “Sideways” and “About Schmidt” is somehow belittling his Midwestern subjects. It’s obvious how much Payne loves these characters, which is why his newest film, “Nebraska,” just might be one of the most accurate depictions of modern life in the Midwest put on film.

In “Nebraska,” out Nov. 15 in limited release, David (Will Forte) has given up on trying to explain to his father, Woody (Bruce Dern), that the $1 million dollars Woody “may have already won” from a magazine subscription service is a scam. After a few incidents where a confused Woody tries to walk from Billings, Mont. to Lincoln, Neb. in cheap michael kors an ill fated attempt to pick up the prize, David decides to drive Woody to Nebraska himself. On the way, the father and son stop in their old hometown where, now, Woody is a local celebrity due to his “good fortune.”

Payne is in New York City for the New York Film Festival premiere of “Nebraska.” We spoke the day after its successful Tuesday night screening about the nuances that go into making a black and white movie set in Nebraska (as Payne’s mother said, filming the state of Nebraska in color would be “stupid”) and why the dynamics between Michael Kors from China his cast Dern and June Squibb as the parent, Forte and Bob Odenkirk as their sons was so important.

Having grown up in Missouri, “Nebraska” might be one of the greatest representations of people in the Midwest I’ve seen.

Well, (A), I’m from the Midwest I’m from Omaha and I still live there and (B) I try to be observant and (C) I try to represent what I observe in films.

After I saw the film, I was asked by people not from the Midwest if I thought the movie makes fun of Midwesterners. I said, “No.”

Whenever I get the cheap michael kors question, “Are you making fun?” or if I’m being accused of feeling superior to the characters, it’s usually by people who themselves feel superior to others. At least I think so. I remember when “Fargo” came out, the Coen brothers got some shit for making fun. People in Minnesota peed their pants that movie was so funny. Are you kidding me?

I can’t imagine anyone Replica Michael Kors Handbags in the Midwest is going to think that they are being made fun of.

I get more comments or questions about how I seem to love my characters than I do about how I seem to be making fun of those, so, michael kors handbags whatever. Look, I just make them. And I can’t change how anybody sees the film. So, whatever.

I thought people that I know were just asking me that, I am surprised people are asking you that.

Yeah, from time to time. Or I’ll read it in a review or something.

I do love the two local bars in the movie that look exactly the same. Especially with Chicago’s “We Can Last Forever” playing in the background.

[Laughs] Yeah, right. Very accurate, yeah. We tried about 50 songs for that scene trying to find stuff that melded well with the rhythm of the dialogue that seemed completely believable in that bar and that we can afford. And that’s the one we landed on. One I was temping with for weeks that I also loved was [Three Dog Night’s] “Never Been To Spain.” That one works, too.

It’s interesting you michael kors outlet filmed this in black and white because the look did remind me of the cover of Bruce Sprigsteen’s “Nebraska.”Was there any influence?

[Laughs] No.

I guess my point is that the perfect image of Nebraska is in black and white. Why does Nebraska work so well in black and white?

I don’t know. My mom said my mom saw it last night and she said in the car driving home, she goes, “Now I see why you had to make it in black and white. It would have Michael Kors from china been stupid in color.” I said, “Mom, I’m going to use that line.” [laughs]

When I first heard that you wanted to cast Gene Hackman as Woody, I was really excited by that prospect. But now I can’t imagine anyone but Bruce Dern playing Woody.

I have to correct you michael kors handbags a little bit, in that my very first thought when I read the script nine years ago was Bruce Dern. And Gene Hackman, I definitely tried to meet, but he won’t meet anyone right now. He’s retired. And it got out that I was trying to meet him I met like 50 guys but I couldn’t meet Hackman. But he’s an obvious one you’d want to cross off the list. But, anyway. I wound up circling back to Bruce.

Did Will Forte’s casting come as a result of how he worked with Bruce Dern? If it weren’t Bruce Dern, would someone else have played David?

Yes. Well, the casting director John Jackson michael kors outlet and I were trying to put together the right cast, whom we believed were also in the same family. So, everything stemmed from casting Bruce first because that was the hardest part to cast, Woody. We believed that Woody would marry June and we believed that Will Forte and Bob Odenkirk could be brothers and be sons of that couple. Had I cast another Woody, I michael kors handbags outlet had other people besides Will and Bob who, in a different version, the movie could have worked.

Those two make a good comedic team, obviously both of their “SNL” backgrounds help.

Had I cast another Woody, the number two lineup of sons would have been very dark fellows. They could have been very believable brothers, and both are super funny . but that wasn’t how it worked out. We were very concerned about creating believable families. That’s the point.

I do wish the football game they were watching was a Chiefs game as opposed to the Lions and Bears.

[Laughs] Can’t help you, pal.

“Nebraska” had success at Cannes, but I feel it’s going to play better to people here.

I’ve had much more successful screenings, I feel, at Telluride and New York than I had at Cannes. I think the American audience understands a lot more of the subtle jokes.Articles Connexes: